Installation details

Credit: Michael Magna

River of Light | 21 August 2010
Edworthy Park to Prince's Island Park, Calgary

Thousand's of people gathered at the riverbanks to watch 500 illuminated spheres launched onto the Bow River and travel 7.5km downstream to create a large-scale lighting installation. Carried along by the river’s current the spheres drifted in an ever-changing pattern of coloured light.

Credit - Allan Y 
The Light Matrix | 14 - 21 August 2010
Prince's Island Park, Calgary
On the water at Prince's Island Park a matrix of 28 illuminated spheres created patterns of colour and light that were mapped to data gathered on the flow, quality, demand and water cycle of the Bow River. Accompanying the matrix were 3 projection 'windows' located around the lagoon that displayed the live raw data that the matrix was responding to. 

Credit: Laurent Louyer

Daylight Spheres| 14 - 21 August 2010
Edworthy Park to Prince's Island Park, Calgary
Clustered on the river's islands the 'Daylight spheres' reflected and interacted with light from the river's surface and the sky above, mirroring the ever-changing natural landscape, and animating the textures, patterns and light it offered.

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