Monday, August 16, 2010

Work in Progress

28 light spheres, 500 meters of rope, 1,5km of cable, 3 video projectors, 3 screens, 43 lights, 1 computer controller, 5 dives in the lagoon and 20km of walking later we now have the Light Matrix on at Prince's Island and Edworthy Park and Montgomery View Bridge lit up.

Technical & Production Manager David Abra, 4 fantastic local production volunteers, and 6 local technicians and myself have laid out this kit over the past 7 days. Its been exhausting, challenging, and with such bizarre installs in the public space always a great laugh!

Everything is working - the wireless control communicating the live data to the matrix spheres is running really smoothly thanks to the vvvv program written and developed by our programmer Hayden Anyasi. We have a fantastic synchronization happening as both the light and video signals project across the lagoon and the projection screens.

Today is the install of the daylight spheres, more work on the river...

dragging daylight spheres to locatios on the river


  1. I was riding my bike through Princes Island on Sunday night after the Stampeders game and came across the River of Light spheres in the lagoon. The night light down along the bike path at Eau Claire and the lighted spheres in the lagoon were spectacular! Just a beautiful sight and experience right in our downtown core. I wish you all the luck with your event Sat and plan to attend!

  2. That was an absolutely fantastic evening, thank you so much to all involved. I had a blast as a kayaking Sphere Herder.

  3. We watched from Edworthy Park - it was wonderful! Thank you for bringing this to our city!

    (and thanks to the kayakers, who looked like they were having so much fun.)


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