Sunday, August 22, 2010

River of Light comments from the public

"Last night was an absolutely incredible performance. The visual beauty was breathtaking. The experience was profound. The feelings expressed by the people lining the bridges and riverbanks were those of awe and appreciation. Congratulations to all who worked to make this happen. It was worth every ounce of energy. Thank you!"
- Linda

"I was present at the River of Light Saturday night and I must congratulate you on a very successful installation/showing. There were a few of us on our bikes and we followed the spheres on their journey down the Bow. The impression I received from the thousands of Calgarians who were perched on the river banks or crowded on one of the bridges was pure amazement and awe. It was very inspiring to see that many people enjoying art in Calgary."
- Shea

"What a great idea, never heard of such a thing before."

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